"The Ideal Place to Learn"


  • Speaking as a teacher on leave/artist. My experience with the Academy was very positive. The correspondence and relations with the administration was warm and friendly. They were willing to help with any issue. I was extremely grateful to my hosts in taking my in and sharing their language and culture with me. They have become good friends. The school was clean and well organized. Fortunately I had 2 teachers of unique but complementary styles that maximized my learning. Both were university trained, energetic and highly passionate, conscientious. After acquiring some grammatical structure and understanding and an ability to communicate I returned to Canada with a sense of accomplishment and a greater appreciation for Sicilian Culture and a desire to continue learning. Grazie! Peter

    Peter J. Lewis Italian language student - High School Teacher & Artist - Canadian
  • At the end of our week learning at The Italian Academy, we thought we should drop a line and say how much we have enjoyed ourselves and more importantly learned this week! We have gained a huge amount from working with our teachers. They have been incredibly reponsive to our needs and varying skills, and have gone out of their way to prepare work in addition to the pack provided, either because we asked to cover certain aspects of grammar or because of certain interests we had expressed at the beginning of the week. Both our knowledge and confidence has increased enormously. It is such a shame to be only doing one week!

    Gavin Doeg and Manon Edwards Italian language student – Pedagogists – UK
  • Sicily on my mind!
    I don't have a unique story to tell but a lot of thrilling moments that I did experience in those 3 weeks; it is so to say a patchwork of images that are in my mind whenever I think of Sicily; even though I knew before arriving, that Sicily would not disappoint my expectations , I was really touched not only for its huge historical heritage but mainly because of the friendly and marvelous sicilian people I met and knew, who made my stay in Siracusa unforgettable and made my last day so sad when I had to leave from Catania ... I will come back for sure.
    I enjoyed very much the atmosphere of the Academy and the quality of the teachers!
    Pedro Lisbon
  • Just perfect!

    From the first contact with the Academy, I felt I was being treated as a friend rather than a client. Everyone was so welcoming and helpful, and keen to make sure that I enjoyed my stay in Siracusa. The classes were excellent and tailored to what I wanted to learn, and I felt I made real progress every day. The excursions were delightful and the guides friendly and knowledgeable. I'll be back!
    Caroline Turnbull Woking, UK


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