Between the parts:

Academy Abroad Ltd, Address: Via San Giovanni alle Catacombe, 7, 96100, Siracusa; Tax Code: IT01933840892,  Sole director: Peter Neri, hereafter referred to as Landlord.




born in ___________________________________________________________

on ___ / ___ / ______  document type___________________________________

personal ID number __________________________________________________ 

date of issue: ___________________ expiry date ____________________________

place of issue _______________________________________________________ 

Tax Code  __________________________________________________________

Resident in (address) __________________________________________________ 

 City ___________________________________ Province ____________________

Postal Code___________________  State __________________________________

hereafter referred to as Tenant/Guest.

It is hereby agreed and stipulated as follows:

1) Subject

The landlord leases to the tenant/guest only for tourist use and excluding any other use, an apartment located in Syracuse in APARTMENT ADDRESS , in addition to the services, fully furnished, which is part of the real estate complex listed at the N.C.E.U. of the Municipality of Syracuse, APARTMENT DETAILS

2) Prohibitions and obligations

The tenant/guest agrees to use the apartment as their accommodation exclusively for tourism purposes.

The tenant/ guest is forbidden to sublease or sublet, even only temporarily, the apartment to third parties, otherwise, the contract will be terminated.

The tenant/guest is obliged to keep the apartment with due diligence, returning it at the end of the present contract in the state in which he received it.

The tenant/guest agrees to behave in accordance with the principles of legality and civil norms during their stay at the apartment and not to assume, in any case, any behavior contrary to the law and to civil regulations that could endanger their own or the safety of others; the tenant/guest will also comply with the rules of peaceful cohabitation in the apartment building.

4) Fee and expenses

The tenant/guest is obliged to pay the rent through the online booking website “”,  “AirBnb” or other:

4) Duration

At the agreed deadline, the contract will cease without the need for cancellation, which is meant now for then, with the obligation of the tenant/guest to return the apartment to the landlord.

The contract is stipulated for a fixed term, for a maximum duration of 30 days for the period from CHECK IN DATE to CHECK OUT DATE

Additional Guest: Name and Last Name – Place and Date of Birth – Citizenship