Why business Italian is your next must-have skill: a brief guide to an enhanced CV

Admit it: you have never seriously considered taking business Italian classes. Notwithstanding, conversational Italian has always been a little pride of yours. Ordering at an Italian restaurant with your cute accent and dictating unrequested style rules to all your friends are among your preferred activities. 

Sorry to break it to you, but it’s time to change your mind.

Here’s why business Italian classes should move from your bucket list to your to-do list.

It’s time to combine the pleasure of speaking Italian with the business benefits that can derive from it. After all, the proverb “to combine business with pleasure” has an Italian equivalent, which is “unire l’utile al dilettevole“.

If you already have a basic knowledge of Italian, it’s time to take it to the next level.

Still a beginner? Take a look at these 5 reasons why studying Italian online is effective, and get immediately on track!

Now, let’s dive into why business Italian classes will be good for you.

Italians are everywhere

Is it fair to say that at least once in your professional life you’ve come across someone who is Italian? No matter what your country of origin is, Italians are around you. You met them at work, on holiday, on a business trip, on a trade fair, at the restaurant. That’s because Italian businesses are everywhere. 

Many international companies have offices in Italy, and they love to have someone on the ground who speaks Italian. Similarly, many Italian companies (automotive, food, wine, technology, shipbuilding and so on) have offices abroad, and they would cherish an Italian-speaking employee.

Italians love to travel, and if you work in the tourism field you know how much Italians appreciate a good conversation, especially when they’re on holiday.

If you work in art, music, design or fashion, you can’t just neglect the importance of technical vocabulary.

Maybe you don’t work in any of these fields, but Italy could still be a potential market for you. If you only knew how to reach it.

Italy has strong economic and business connections with numerous countries, and the need for business Italian speakers is real.

Italian business people

Italians love Italian

With little or no exception, Italians love to converse in Italian. Despite their love for other cultures, their curiosity towards foreign languages and their passion for abroad travels, Italians prefer to speak Italian. Some of them believe they can get along doing everything, everywhere in the world, just by speaking Italian (and adding a few gestures, sometimes). And many of them actually pull it off.

This applies to countless different circumstances, but the reasons why business Italian is useful and necessary are quite undeniable.

Very often, Italians won’t make the effort to speak a foreign language, for laziness or just because they’re stubborn. If you wish to get to them, you’ve got to speak their language.

Italian love Italy

Business is business (gli affari sono affari)

Italians might seem informal on many occasions, but they do take their business very seriously. While an Italian business lunch often sounds like an excuse to drink overpriced bottles of wine in a fancy restaurant, the core of the conversation will always be the business.

You already know that not many Italians are proficient in English. And even those who are will refuse to speak English if the majority of the people at the table speaks Italian. Business Italian lessons would give you the confidence to hold the conversation in Italian even after the third bottle of wine. Moreover, your Italian business associates will feel more at ease knowing that they can fully express themself. No one likes to get lost in translation.

Italian business lunch

Mind your manners (and avoid the brutta figura)

Business Italian is not a far cry from the language you already know, but some nuances deserve special attention.

As you know, Italians use “dare del lei” as a form of courtesy. Whilst this can be optional in informal conversations, a higher degree of formality is required in certain business contexts. 

Business Italian classes will allow you to determine the level of formality of a conversation, and to easily adapt. Sometimes, the misuse of a word might result in a very embarrassing brutta figura. We wouldn’t want to see your face on the next meme.

Appropriate words speak louder than just words

There’s no such thing as a comprehensive business Italian vocabulary, nor a word list that works for all. Each business, function, field and trade have their own specific vocabulary. For instance, if you’re a financial analyst, there’s no point for you in learning a whole kitchen-related vocabulary. Unless, of course, you’re a financial analyst and a part-time chef. The point is: don’t overdo it and simply start with what you need. 

Luckily enough, besides business Italian classes, there are several free resources you might use that will work in your favour.

Themed TV shows, movies and podcasts are great tools that will broaden your word collection with rare and remarkable gems. For example, a podcast from an Italian business radio would be great for our financial analyst / part-time chef. And so would be subscribing to an Italian cooking video channel, of course.

If you are a great professional in your field of expertise, you ought to also be an effective communicator.

Italian business man chef

Business Italian classes will turn a hobby into a highlight on your resumé.

No matter what your career is, or where you are on the corporate ladder, chances are a business Italian course can do you good.

If you’re an employer looking for employee benefits, a business Italian course might be just right. Moreover, it will benefit your own company! Contact us to find out more about the business Italian courses available with The Italian Academy.

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