Would you like to learn Italian online for free?

If so, chances are you will need an accurate, reliable list of Italian online resources to do so. Well, you have just found it!

Let’s have a look of the currently available resources to learn Italian online for free.

Complete beginners, ready to start?

Are you a complete beginner? Start by learning the alphabet and elementary vocabulary.  Learnamo offers a series of well explained Italian lessons and quizzes to help you. 

Should any doubts arise, have a look at DontSpeakItalian. This entertaining and user-friendly platform offers clear explanations for almost every grammar topic.

Success at learning Italian online

Travellers who love Italy: let’s take it to the next step!

You already know a few Italian words and their meaning, you manage to understand a menu and avoid starvation, yet pronouncing anything besides “ciao” and “grazie” still sounds like a mirage to you.

If you are familiar with some Italian sounds, you now need some listening practice. Loecsen provides 17 online lessons with listening and reading exercises. These aim at boosting your fluency and will help you understand real-time situations, especially when travelling.

Moreover, if your aim is to improve vocabulary, Language Guide offers an interactive way of doing so. On their website, you will find several items list to choose from. Click on every item in the list to learn the exact pronunciation!

The Italian online free resources you haven’t heard of (not yet)

You already master the basics and you are looking for more challenging online content, but are struggling to find it.

Should this be the case, have a look at ImpariamoItaliano, probably the most famous blog for Italian language lovers. On their website, you can find virtually endless resources, quizzes, games, articles, and blog posts.

Similarly, among all Italian online free resources, how could we not mention AlmaTV? It’s our favourite one!  A well designed, fun and interesting platform run by Alma Edizioni. Alma Edizioni is one of the main publishing houses that specializes in books to teach Italian as a foreign language.

Finally, if you already consider yourself a true Italian, then you must add Rai Cultura Italiano to your favourites. This website includes a great variety of articles, videos, links and resources related to Italy, language, culture, history and much more.

Boy learning Italian online

Are Italian online free resources good to learn Italian?

Well, that’s a big question, yet the answer is quite easy.

Yes, Italian online free resources are indeed good, but probably they’re not enough. 

Learning Italian is a complex, challenging and exciting adventure, which requires a lot of tangible and intangible resources. 

Some learners can easily find the balance between self-study and online resources, while others might need a more structured and guided learning path.

The Italian Academy Live offers its students a unique opportunity to combine the endless variety of online resources with a selection of original, specially customized learning contents. Take a look at our course options to find out more.

If you’re still unsure, take a look at the 5 reasons why studying Italian online with The Italian Academy Live is effective: you’ll be surprised!


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