Study in Italian Universities:

 explore the wide range of Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees taught in Italian and English


The Italian Academy is not just an Italian language school in Italy.


We aim at guiding and inspiring our students, we support their choices and we help them through every step of the journey, from their visa application to their arrival in Italy.

Over several years of experience, we have gone through all possible scenarios and we are now able to provide international students with useful information and practical tips to make informed choices about their future.


With the support of The Italian Academy, studying at Italian universities has never been easier. 


First of all, here are 5 reasons why choosing Italian universities is the best decision you can make.

Of course, there are many things you need to know before applying, that’s why we have drafted a comprehensive list for you, so that you do not miss anything out.

As a start, you should take a look at our article “Tell me what studies you have completed, I’ll tell you how to enrol in an Italian University”: perhaps a Pathway Program or a Foundation Year can be perfect for you.


Or maybe all you need is a break from a tiring routine, pushed by the desire to learn something new? Then probably a Gap Year is what you should be looking at. Living abroad while learning the language: is there anything better than this? Moreover, in this way, you will add an incredibly powerful skill to your resume: an Italian language certification.


Once you have made up your mind about studying in Italy, all you have to do is get ready in 7 steps


See? We told you: studying at Italian Universities has never been easier, especially with The Italian Academy in your corner.