The antiques market in Piazza Santa Lucia

The antiques market in Piazza Santa Lucia, a burst of Sicilian folklore on a Sunday morning

If you are in Syracuse on vacation, whatever the time of year, try to take a free Sunday morning because one of the things to do in this city is without a doubt visiting the beautiful antiques market.

In the fascinating setting of Piazza Santa Lucia (St. Lucy’s Square), between the Basilica and the charming Borgata neighborhood, every Sunday morning the most skilled traders of the city assemble stands which appears to be the most comprehensive antiques market of Syracuse.

From as early as 7 a.m. the Square is filled with the voices of traders and early rising residents, who decide to spend the morning at the stalls of typical food products, antique furniture, paintings, musical instruments, ceramics, postcards and old prints, but also the occasional piece of junk.

We advise tourists to go to the market early in the morning, when one may be more likely to find unique items and good deals: perhaps after a rich breakfast at a bar in the neighborhood, or, if you arrive at 11, even buying a bag of seasoned olives in one of the stalls, which will accompany you during the stroll around.

You will become acquainted with the folklore of the true Sicilian market, made up of voices, colors and animated conversation, skilled merchants with years of salesmanship and perhaps, among the hundreds of antiques and worn out pieces, you will find that one fascinating object, rich in history and unique in its details.

The prices, you ask? Very low: only a few Euros can buy you all kinds of books, lovers’ letters faded by time and witness to a Syracuse that no longer exists. It is one of those experiences not to be missed in Syracuse, which will stick forever in the memories of your holiday, because it is here that you can know our true customs, our ways of doing things and our incredible hospitality.

The market is one of the few occasions that giveth to Piazza Saint Lucia vitality and splendor; not only is it a great way to spend a Sunday morning, but it is also an excuse to visit a beautiful area of ​​Syracuse, which is otherwise rarely in the spotlight.

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