#10 – The ten hidden jems in Siracusa: the CALA ROSSA shore

In Ortigia, walking down the Levanter waterside a few steps from the abandoned Church of the Holy Spirit, where all the east winds meet (Gregale, Levante and Sirocco), you’ll find the Cala Rossa.

Among our list of the most suggestive attractions, this place certainly is the humblest but nonetheless in a very peculiar way.

Cala Rossa is only accessible from the levanter waterside, in the Turba district, by a long stairway which will bring you to the waterfront. The “Cala” is actually a very little shingle and, most curiously, it’s artificial! It’s made of waste materials from old construction sites, smoothened and polished from the sea and the winds.

The beach is in front of a wide stretch of water enclosed by a ring of breakwaters, where you’ll be able to enjoy the morning sun or a bath, without worrying about the waves of course; also you can swim across the ring and admire the bastions of Ortygia and Syracuse form quite a unique view point.



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