Siracusa By Night – What to do on a night out?

What to do in Siracusa by night?

You’re in Siracusa and you want to spend a wonderful evening: but what is there to do in Siracusa? Where are the coolest places to go?

We will help you find the best venues by night both in town and by the sea. Generally, night life here isn’t considered the hottest (nothing like Ibiza or Miami, in a nutshell), but if you know the right places to go (and what you want to drink!) you’re sure to have a great time.


If you’re in town…

If you’re not familiar with it but you want to find out what it’s like to be in Siracusa by night, you definitely want to go to Ortigia. The historical centre is rich in restaurants, pubs, disco pubs and – since it’s a pedestrian area – you can enjoy all of that while walking around this fascinating  place.
Once you’ve parked your car (if you have one, we suggest you always leave it before the bridges as finding parking in Ortigia is quite the odyssey), you could start your night off in one of the many pubs near the Molo Sant’Antonio car park (Via del Porto Grande). As you walk, you’ll come across several beer bars (some sell craft and home-brewed beers), as well as pubs, pizzerie and winebars... This area has been expanding lately.

After pizza and beer you’re ready to cross the Ponte Umberto and make your way into Ortigia. The places we suggest you stop by here are:

1) Via Cavour (parallel to Corso Matteotti), where you may find taverns, restaurants, winebars and pubs with nice courtyards.  In the summer you’ll find many shops which stay open until late.

2) Piazzetta San Rocco is another place we suggest (you can get there from Piazza Duomo if you walk down Via pompeo Picherali): it’s good for a chat with a friend and the pubs there play music until late.

3) The Graziella, another place where you will come across pubs and restaurants as you walk down its narrow roads. They might not look like much from the outside but we promise they will surprise you once you walk in.


By now you should be brillo (tipsy in Italian, literally shining) enough to seek a venue with live music (in summer they all have tables outside) or, alternatively, enough to walk around in awe around the little streets lit up by the mild orange streetlights.


If you’re by the sea

In June, July or August you might be more likely to be closer to the seaside. We suspect that, after a real hot day spent on the beach eating gelato, you will want to have a pleasant night. So what’s up round the seaside by night?

Like in town, this depends on what area you’re in. Summer nights usually mean that pubs, beach resorts and restaurants organize beach parties (sometimes themed) with concerts and live music. Just keep an eye on the events calendars so you won’t miss out!

We at SiracusaMente suggest you go to Fontane Bianche where numerous beach resorts take turns and throw nice night parties over the course of the week (Talè Beach Garden, Kukua Beach, Lido Camomilla), or to Arenella (Lido Arenella)

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