The tasties Gelato in Siracusa

What is the best ice cream shop in Siracusa, according to a survey among locals: “who makes the best ice cream?”

The survey carried out in August 2015: the peak time for sea, sun and..gelati!

We offer the opinion of Siracusani themselves, the ice cream shop that makes the best ice cream in and around the city of Syracuse.


Well, with 284 votes, The Mastro Gelataio wins this contest, placing itself just ahead of respectively Voglia Matta and Bel Bon. All these shops offer not only ice creams, but also cakes and pies, crepes and many other delicacies.


At the Mastro Gelataio, all these products can be found and are widely appreciated by the Syracusan voters!

The ice cream shop was founded in 1970 and is also distinguished by the curious names of various gusti (flavours)..we advise you go take a look!


Where is it?

Largo Empedocle 6/8, Syracuse

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