Transport in Siracusa


To get around Siracusa city you have two choices: use the AST urban transportation service, or the very comfortable ecological mini-bus called “Siracusa d’amare”, we recommend the latter. The first line allows you to reach all the Siracusa’s districts, as well as the sea areas; the second one is limited to the area of Ortigia and the archaeological and tourist areas.

“Siracusa D’amare” Mini-Buses:

Small, grey, electric mini-buses with a heart-shaped logo on the side, these lines are managed by the Comune di Siracusa. Operating every day from 7 a.m. to the 10 p.m., with a night-time bus working late hours in the weekend from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. You can recognize the many bus stops with the white totem.

The red-line bus stop “San Giovanni” is right next to The Italian Academy entrance.

Here are the bus lines, named by different colours:

BLU line – Ortigia: great path to those who want toa reach Ortigia easily from the Sant’Antonio jetty park. You cannot miss: Maniace Castle stop

Red Line – Neapolis : Departure from Sant’Antonio jetty; very useful line for those who would like to visit Borgata neighborhood, The Madonnina church, the San Giovanni Basilica, the Archaeologica museum and the Neapolis Park. You cannot miss: Parco della Neapolis stop

Green Line – Dioniso il Grande: From Sant’Antonio jetty , the green line will drive you at the discovery of ancient neighborhoods of Ortigia island, passing through Via Arsenale (where it is possible to swim in!) You cannot miss: Latomie dei Cappuccini

Violet N1 Line – Nighttime : the same as the BLUE line, simply with different times: friday to sunday, from 10 a.m. to 2.00 a.m.


For more informations check the detailed map of the service.


Tickets prices:

-One route: 0.50 euro

-Whole day: 2.00 euro

-Weekly: 7.00 euro

-Seasonal: 60.00 euro

Free for passengers under 13 years and over 65 years of age




If you want to move to other neighborhoods of Siracusa, away from the historical center, you can choose as point of departure the Siracusa central stations: at the bottom of Corso Umberto you’ll find the central bus station of the city. You’ll recognize the AST urban lines with the tipical white vehicles.

Here is a list of all the lines and connectionslinee urbane Ast Siracusa .

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