5 reasons why your Italian language online courses haven’t worked for you so far

Everybody says they’re learning Italian online, so why can’t you?

At first, you’ve been surfing the web for days looking for the best-rated language learning apps to learn the Italian language online. Then, you’ve gone through tons of reviews of the best seller self-study books and watched hours of video tutorials on how easy learning Italian online is.

And yet here you are, feeling like another day has passed by and all you got out of it is a staggered “tchee-ah-oh”.

Despite your commitment and the amount of time you are investing in learning the Italian language online, it seems like there is no effective way for you to actually learn it from home. 

Girl discouraged at learning Italian online

Well, here’s the truth about why your Italian language online study hasn’t been effective so far:

  • Commitment is crucial, but guidance is key.

Dedication is probably the greatest effort you are ready to make, yet it might be vain if no one is there to keep you on track. Hours of wandering through the infinite Italian-written pages of the Internet won’t get you anywhere: an instructor will.

  • Textbooks are great, but they’re just books.

Language textbooks are like shoes: there’s no such thing as one size fits all. No matter how great the reviews, that apparently magic textbook might just not be right for you, or simply not enough. You will still need some tools to read it through and make the best out of it.

  • Repeating words out loud doesn’t sound as musical and sweet as it should.

You’ve tried again and again, yet that sound is not coming out as it is supposed to. That’s because repeating isn’t necessarily enough. You need tools and tricks to be able to break that word into pieces and let it out of your mouth as the sweetest of the melodies.

  • No one’s listening, then why should I speak at all?

Speaking and repeating words and sentences over and over is the cornerstone of fluency. Learning a language and never speaking it is like making pizza and not eating it. At home, you can read articles out loud, sing songs while showering, role-play with your cat. However, nothing is comparable to a group of classmates to role-play with and an instructor to help you through it.

  • I ace every quiz, yet I still get all my verbs wrong. 

Pre-packed exercises are crucial to help you better your grammar, but that’s not enough. Yes, you can now tell the difference between plural and singular, female and male adjectives and the use of articles. Yet, that’s just theory. You need real-life examples and real-time feedback to master a foreign language.

Learning Italian language online

Don’t worry, you can still learn the Italian language online. 

Finally, you now understand what went wrong with your online studying, and are willing to fix it.

The Italian Academy Live has created the perfect formula for an effective, easy and reliable Italian language online course. We designed our courses on the in-class experience and feedback of our thousands of students.

Here’s our list of 5 reasons why studying the Italian language online is effective.

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