Italian classes know no age limits (nor should you)

Italian classes for seniors are the next big thing in language learning.

Apart from being a global trend in education, the study of foreign languages has proven to be beneficial for learners of all ages. In this article, we will focus on the perceived and real benefits that senior learners (50+) obtain from attending Italian classes.

So why are Italian classes good for seniors?

Physical exercise is not the only exercise you need 

We can all agree that physical activity is crucial for maintaining good health. Walking, working out, jogging, doing exercises are all beneficial to your body. Do you know what other parts of your body will benefit from some training?  Your brain. Like any other body part, your brain needs to be taken care of, or it’ll lose its productivity.

Learning a foreign language provides the brain with endless simultaneous stimuli to boost its readiness. For instance, it enhances memory, supports brain elasticity and it broadens your overall knowledge spectrum. Memorizing new words, comparing grammar while learning about a new culture are practical examples of how Italian classes can help your brain work better.

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Better late than never

When it comes to following a dream you’ve put aside for a long time, being late isn’t just fine, it’s even better.

You’ve been willing to take Italian classes for a long time, however, you never really had a chance to. First, while working full time, you had no spare time at all. On top of that, you had so many other matters to take care of (house mortgage, children’s college, family expenses) that you couldn’t save any money at all. Later, you couldn’t find a language school to go to, nor friends to go with.

Well, it’s actually a good thing you waited, because now the planets might just have aligned in your favour. You don’t work full time anymore, your children are old enough to take care of themself and you look for an activity to fill your days with. Well, Italian classes are the solution.

No Italian classes near you? No problem, you can start online, at your own pace. Anyways, you will immediately see the benefits of this long-awaited choice. Then, these same Italian classes will eventually lead you to your next step: a study holiday.

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Learning is travelling

Who says that study holidays are for kids only? They are for people of all ages (and sorts!): young learners, university students, senior learners, business professionals, culture addicted and many more.

Italian classes will give you a reason to travel to Italy, take part in a language course and meet wonderful people from all over the world.

Moreover, visiting a foreign country while studying its language and culture is even more advantageous. You will feel safer while going around, more willing to interact with locals, ask for information and explore the uncovered gems of the destination. The whole holiday will feel like the longest and yet the most enjoyable of all Italian classes.

Studying has never felt nicer

You can be honest: you’ve never exactly been a model student.  Back in the day you did your job, passed your finals, even graduated, but maybe only because you had to, not because you wanted to. 

Self-realization plays a crucial role in the pursuit of a goal. You’re proud of your past achievements, of course, but who says you can’t accomplish even greater tasks now?

Learning a foreign language implicates many efforts, yet it also leads to a number of successes. These successes serve as emotional boosters, leading to more efforts and therefore even additional endeavours. Your self-esteem will thank you for it.

All in all, Italian classes are just good for you.

Now that you have time for yourself, do something great with it.

Learning Italian will act as your daily mental workout, enhancing your brain functions.

Set your own goals, achieve them, and be proud.

 Finding an Italian language school in Italy  is easier than you think, and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Is it just me, or you really don’t have any excuses now?


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