Yes, studying Italian online with The Italian Academy is effective: here’s why

Have you found yourself struggling with online language courses that haven’t worked for you?

Get ready to learn Italian online the right way, this time.

Some say that a calm sea never made a skilled sailor. We, on the contrary, believe that an effective online language course will for sure make you a skilled Italian language speaker.

To start, let’s have a look at 5 reasons why studying Italian online with The Italian Academy Live is effective:

1. Social learning: the power of culture connection 

By all means, studying a foreign language has a unique charm. Likewise, speaking a foreign language broadens one’s horizons and cultural openness. When studying a language, in our country or abroad, we connect with people who share our same passion. While many think that learning Italian online is equal to private tutoring and lonely self-study, we prove the exact opposite. Ours is a community where past, current and future students have the opportunity to come together. The Italian Academy Live is a place to meet, practise, interact and get to know each other, online and offline. Imagine being able to find a friend from the past, or to meet someone who loves your same Italian book. With The Italian Academy Live Classes, your connection options will be limitless.

Girl learning Italian online

2. Not just the same old language textbooks

For centuries, books alone have been bearing the burden of all kinds of knowledge. In fact, they were the keepers of all secrets related to sciences, arts, humanities, languages. Luckily for us, that time is over! Nowadays, knowledge can be found in every corner. Every media, online and offline, claims to have an educational purpose, but this has inevitably led to some confusion. We know we can learn whatever we want, whenever we want, but we don’t know how to efficiently do so. The Italian Academy Live offers a clear, structured learning path for students of all levels. A balanced mix of virtual classes and guided study, together with a constant progress tracking, make every student bound to dramatically improve their language ability.

3. Become proficient (and have fun in the process!)

Simulations, games and role-plays are among the most effective exercises when learning a foreign language. Pretending to be in a specific situation stimulates the student’s ability to put the theory into practice. Thus, abstract concepts and examples become real. Moreover, it strengthens the capability for original thinking in the target language, rather than in the native one. There’s so much one can learn with a guided reading of a newspaper article or just by analyzing a song’s lyric!

Girl learning Italian online

4. The incentive is high, and the reward makes it even higher

The reward of becoming fluent in a foreign language is, with no doubt, the best incentive per se. However, it’s no secret that studying with the help of an instructor brings an extra dose of motivation, inspiration and support. Moreover, a genuinely challenging class setting boosts that motivation, offering endless opportunities to learn (also) from others. In our Italian online community, we have a system of badges to award our best students.  All in all, when the entire community of The Italian Academy Live acknowledges your success, that’s a true win!

5. The best instructors – ever

Teaching a foreign language is no easy task. While some argue that being an Italian language teacher is the best job in the world, we know there’s a lot of ongoing hard work, study and dedication behind it. Nevertheless, the reward is so high that our teachers are constantly striving to be the best at what they do. We have all, at least once, run into an inspiring professor, mentor, boss, colleague. The kind of person who gives out without fear or hesitation. The incentive and aid that an instructor is capable of providing are unique, and they act as a fuel to keep the learning machine of your brain up and running. All of the instructors teaching Italian online and offline at The Italian Academy are passionate, motivated, enthusiastic and tireless. And who wouldn’t be, with such a beautiful community of learners?

All things considered, learning Italian online might be a challenging task, yet it will be the most rewarding one.

It will require your time, attention, patience and enthusiasm. 

It will give you a powerful, invincible tool against boredom, loneliness and poorly dubbed movies.

It will prove to you that cultural closeness can overcome cultural affinity and that people from all over the world have the same exact passion as you do.

Lastly, it will give you yet another good reason to travel to Italy and show off your fluency around! 

For more information on our language courses, take a look at The Italian Academy Live online classes.


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