Italian Residence Permit: the ultimate student guide

Italian Residence Permit (Permesso di Soggiorno): the ultimate guide

In this article, you will discover how to get through the last step of your preparation to study in Italy: the Italian Residence Permit.

Foreigners coming to stay in Italy for study purposes should declare they are in Italy once they arrive, no matter the length of their stay

For this reason, we decided to explain the steps you need to follow to get this done in any situation.

But before we dive in, in case you haven’t done the previous steps to get ready for studying in Italy, have a look at these things you need to know before applying to a study program in Italy or check out if you need to get an Italian student visa to be able to come to study in Italy!

All right. Now, let’s get started with the last step of paperwork to get settled in Italy for your studies!

Prepare to get the application Italian Residence Permit




First of all, let’s identify which Permit of Stay you need

Depending on the length of your stay you are required to either:



Let’s further explain how you can get any of these:


Declare Your Presence in Italy

You can check the official website explaining how to declare your presence for the purpose of studying in Italy.

Although, here are synthesized the 3 ways in which you can declare your presence in Italy:

Declaration takes place when the border stamp is affixed on your travel document at the border control. Therefore, there’s nothing to do, just make sure your travel document is stamped!

Fill out, sign and submit the specific Declaration of presence form (Dichiarazione di presenza) within 8 days from entry at the local police headquarter (Questura).

  • In case you are staying at a hotel:

The hotel registration form reports your presence in the same way as the Declaration of presence form does. So you just need to make sure to get a copy of the hotel registration form to show it if requested any time by police or security officers.

That’s easy, isn’t it?

Nonetheless, for longer stays, you should apply for an Italian Residence Permit, so get comfy to read through.

Get comfy to read how to apply for a student Italian Residence Permit


Apply for a Student Italian Residence Permit

Okay, so staying in Italy for longer than 90 days, requires you to apply to get your Italian Residence Permit within 8 working days after your arrival in Italy.

(Exemption: if you are an EU citizen, you are not required to apply for the Italian Residence Permit. You will only need to register at the Registry Office (l’Ufficio dell’Anagrafe) of your city of residence).

Note that your university of enrollment might offer some assistance in applying to get the Italian Residence Permit, so ask them.

Otherwise, if you apply autonomously:


Step-by-step guide to Apply for the Italian Residence Permit for Students

  1. Go to any of the qualified post offices (Sportello Amico) and ask for an Italian Residence Permit kit. The kit contains the forms and the instructions on how to fill them.
  2. In addition to the application, you must also submit the following documents:
    • Copy of all the passport pages or of the equivalent valid travel document;
    • Copy of your health insurance or of your registration to the Italian National Health Service (SSN);
    • Copy of the university enrollment certificate (or pre-enrollment certificate if not enrolled yet);
    • A 16€ duty stamp – you can buy it at the Tobacconist’s (Tabacchi shop);
    • Copy of the document providing you have sufficient financial funds (minimum of 5.977,79 per year for 2020);
    • Proof of accommodation
  3. Hand out the kit and documents in any of the qualified post offices (Sportello Amico). Don’t close the envelope as the post office officer will check your passport. 
  4. Pay the fees for submitting the application:
    • 30,46€ for the Electronic Residence Permit (PSE) production;
    • 40-50€ for the Residence Permit fee;
    • 30€ for submitting the application via registered mail.
  5. Keep the receipt the officer will give you once the application is submitted. You should always bring it with you along with your passport until you get your Student Italian Residence Permit.
  6. The officer will also give you an appointment (day and time) to go to the Immigration Office at the local police station (Questura) to get fingerprinted.
  7. Attend the appointment and bring with you:
    • 4 passport photos;
    • the original documents you submitted in the application at the post office.
  8. Track your application update on the Immigration Portal website with the USER ID and PASSWORD (without the hyphen) allocated on the receipt given by the post office or at the State Police website only with the PASSWORD.
  9. Go to the Immigration Office to collect your Italian Residence Permit once is available.
Step-by-step infographic to get the Italian Residence Permit

Italian Residence Permit step-by-step infographic

Done and dusted! … Or not?

Renewal once a year is needed, but don’t worry. Once you’ve done it for the first time, the renewal gets much easier.


Renewal of The Italian Residence Permit

To do this follow the same steps and submit the same documents as per the first issuing of the Italian residence permit (so keep the originals or copies of all of them) plus:

  • The original current residence permit (Permesso di Soggiorno);
  • 2 copies of the current residence permit;
  • copy of an enrolment certificate confirming that you passed at least one exam in the first year and at least two exams from subsequent years.

Okay, now you can relax and think back with a smile at the whole process.

Success getting the student Italian Residence Permit


On another hand, getting the Permit of Stay for any EU citizen is a different story.

EU Citizens: register at the Registry Office (LUfficio dell’Anagrafe)

Being an EU citizen you have two options to register at the Registry Office depending on your intentions:

  • NOT intending to set your permanent residence in Italy

To do this, you register as a temporary resident at the Anagrafe office of your city of residence, submitting the following documents:

    • Copy of ID card;
    • Copy of your Codice Fiscale;
    • University enrollment certificate;
    • Proof of health insurance (private health insurance with 1-year validity or registration to the Italian national health system. The European health insurance card is not sufficient);
    • Proof of sufficient resources (minimum 5.825€ for students with no family members to support).

You must renew the registration every year following the same procedure.

  • Intending to set your permanent residence in Italy

In this case, you should firstly verify with your country of origin the implications of transferring your residence permanently.

Then, if you decide you want to set your permanent residence in Italy, you must send an email to the Anagrafe office including the following documents:

    • Copy of ID card;
    • Copy of your Codice Fiscale;
    • University enrollment certificate;
    • Proof of health insurance (private health insurance with 1-year validity or registration to the Italian national health system. The European health insurance card is not sufficient);
    • Proof of sufficient resources (minimum 5.825€ for students with no family members to support);
    • Statement of residence provided through a self-certificate of  Declaration of Residence (Dichiarazione di Residenza)


Phew! After all this, you are officially an Italian citizen, so go develop your Italianness.

Enjoy Italy after getting your italiann residence permit


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