Learn Italian online with the five language apps for everyone

Everybody wants to learn Italian online, and they’re looking for the best language app.

However, let’s be honest: there is no such thing as a language app that can work well for everyone who wants to learn Italian online. And that’s simply because we are all different learners, looking to improve in different ways. 

So here’s a list of language apps to learn Italian online, chosen according to the learner’s objective.

What kind of learner are you?

No fun no gain

Some learners only give out their best when they feel challenged. Be it a board game, a tv show, the driving license quiz, some of us need that motivational kick to perform at the best of their abilities. If you enjoy being challenged and – even better – rewarded for your achievements, then Duolingo is the perfect app for you. Not a day will pass by without you learning at least 20 more words or phrases – and feeling all-powerful about it.

Learning Italian online

Keep it simple

Not everyone likes fripperies. Some learners like it simple, easy, visual. Less fancy designs and more real-life pictures, images, examples. If you’re on the real-life team, then 50Languages is the app for you. 100 free lessons including games, tests and vocabulary cards. All you need, easy-peasy.

If you play with words, you’ll get wordy

There’s a famous English proverb that says “a drop of wisdom is better than a sea of gold”. We, however, believe that words should be considered as gold, and that a sea of words might truly come in handy when learning a new language. That’s why we like the Drops app so much. It’s beautifully designed,  very intuitive, and it only teaches you as much as you’re willing to learn, each time. The more you use it, the more vocabulary you will build up, one drop after the other.

As you learn, so you shall repeat

It is no secret that repetition helps the brain retain information for longer periods of time. In fact, many apps have made repetition one of their greatest strengths. With Babbel, while practising real-life situations, the user repeats the same sentence over and over, thus ending up owning it. 

Learning Italian online

Words are mightier than swords

Featuring two different Italian language courses, “Complete Italian” and “Italian or Travel”, Busuu is probably the most effective language app out there.  The free subscription only unlocks few features, however the premium plan offers unlimited access to a variety of well-structured, easily accessible contents. If you wish to focus on speaking and learn a bit about Italian culture in the meantime, that’s the app you should look for!

Not really the app type?

While language apps are very useful to learn Italian online when, for example, you’re on a very busy and unpredictable work (and life) schedule, they might prove less useful if you’re looking for a well-structured, highly effective course. 

Learning Italian online with a real community of students is certainly a lot more fun and provenly more effective.

Here at The Italian Academy Live, we aim at proving that Italian language online courses are just as effective as in person classes.

Do check us out!

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