#6 – The Ten Hidden Jems in Siracusa: The cycle path

In 2006 the old railroad that runs through Siracusa was turned into a naturalistic path that all passer-bys admire: the cycle path “Rossana Maiorca”.

This just had to be on our list. It is the longest “monolithic” cycle path in Europe:  a 4-mile long, uninterrupted clay court path that runs along the jagged seaboard cliffs.
This path is ideal for all those who love nature, the sea, and sports. It is possible to go down the traditional route (suggested alternative if you’re on your bycicle) or you can – provided you have an adventurous spirit – explore the dense, colorful Mediterranean scrub and walk along the cliffs and coastline with mixed feelings of excitement and vertigo.
The cycle path is so long that it runs through several of Siracusa’s neighborhoods – each having its own “unofficial” access to the path. The main entrance, however, is by the Monument to the Fallen in Africa; here in this evoking, sea-surrounded square you can rent a bike through the Council-sponsored bike sharing service GoBike. From the main entrance, it’s about a 25-minute cycle to get to the opposite end of the path, during this time you will enjoy a few of the town’s working-class neighborhoods  until you reach the north corner of Siracusa.  Once there, you will have to turn around. On a nice, clear day you can see the majestic Etna volcano.
Don’t worry: this cycle path is not just sea and nature, but monuments as well. 3/4 into it you will be running along an old building next to a real pretty gulf; that’s the old Santa Panagia tonnara (tuna-fishing docks) which is now being restored and will become Siracusa’s new museum of the sea.
Despite it being in the heart of the town, all the sounds and the smells you’ll perceive are natural: it is an authentic terrestrial paradise just before the liveliness of the town.

Since about last year the cycle path is fully lighted, which means it’s safe to take romantic walks in the moonlight.

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