A peaceful oasis in the heart of Syracuse
where students find themselves surrounded by archaeological sites and nature, A strategic starting point to explore the island of Sicily and discover the Mediterranean culture.
Enjoy our school and its charming atmosphere.
Make new friends and explore Sicily while learning the language of the Dolce Vita.
The Pearl of the Mediterranean
Located on the south-eastern coast of Sicily, Siracusa and its historical island of Ortigia are the ideal place to study Italian language: a lively, modern city rich of history and charm.

Founded in 1984, over the years The Italian Academy has become much more than just an Italian school in Italy.

With a wide offer of language courses, cultural activities, university preparatory programs and language exams, The Italian Academy is a 360-degree language and culture center for all the Italian language lovers.

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Stop looking for the best Italian school in Italy: you have just found it.

<b>General & Intensive<br />
Italian courses</b>
General & Intensive
Italian courses

The General Italian course is ideal for students of all ages who wish to learn Italian while being immersed in the warm-welcoming Sicilian culture.
Learn Italian in class every day, Monday through Friday, and spend the afternoon exploring the city!

If you are looking for a faster-paced course, choose the Intensive Italian course which combines the group classes of the General Italian course with one-to-one private classes to practice topics of your choice.

<b>University Preparation& Gap Year</b>
University Preparation& Gap Year

Take a break from the daily routing and come spend a Gap Year in Sicily!

Get ready to enroll in an Italian University with our Foundation Year in Art, Fashion, Design & Architecture program or prepare for the admission test to several Italian universities with our Summer Pathway Programs.

Learn more about the requirements to study in Italy and the options available in our blog’s articles.

<b>Online Italian courses</b>
Online Italian courses

If you can’t travel to Italy now, we can bring our Italian language courses to you, anywhere in the world.

Learn Italian online with the Italian Academy in the most effective, engaging and professional way with our highly experienced and qualified teachers.

Discover our online courses offer, practice your pronunciation and read about the many available online resources available for free in our blog.





  • Our mission is to share our passion for the Italian language and culture with all those who decide to learn Italian in Italy.

    We offer Italian language courses taught by highly qualified and experienced native Italian teachers. In our enjoyable, student-oriented classes, every learner gets a chance to express themselves in a friendly and warmhearted context.

  • Our warm and welcoming community allows all our students that study Italian in Sicily to live like locals, not tourists as they would in larger cities.

    Getting to practice the skills learned during Italian classes in daily life and learn to speak Italian fast in the most natural and conversational way. If anyone wants to learn Italian in Italy, thei need to be using the language outside of the classroom: at the restaurant or at the market, putting the theory into practice has never been easier than it is in Siracusa.

  • Our commitment is to set the gold standard in quality language teaching of Italian in Italy for beginners to advanced.

    We exclusively use all the best resources available to make learning the Italian language an interactive and enjoyable experience. Being more than just an Italian school in Italy, we integrate each course with social activities and cultural excursions, to offer a more comprehensive experience to our students. If you are looking for a school where to learn Italian in Italy, you have just found it.

  • Our goal is to ensure that each student attending our Italian courses gets to experience the best of Sicilian and Italian culture.

    Full immersion in the Mediterranean lifestyle and sharing truly inspiring and rewarding moments with fellow students and friends. Learn Italian in Italy with like-minded individuals, who are passionate about Italian culture.

We believe that an Italian language and culture school in Italy should do much more than simply offer language classes, we build a community of learners and create lasting and meaningful connections. The Italian Academy is the go-to place for anyone who wants to learn Italian in Italy.

To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is not to have seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything.   –   J. W. Goethe