Words and expressions of the dialect of Syracuse


Words and rare expressions from Syracuse

We present a list of words, idioms and expressions, rare and almost forgotten in the Sicilian dialect but still commonly used among the local people of Syracuse. #Sapevatele!


Si rici- Si dice:

Accenni = match (lighter)

Assuppagghiari = drench

Bufardiari= mistreat

Carcucio = rowdy

Chiappotta = flat carved stone suitable to build walls

Ciarera = fine clay that is deposited in the bottom of wells

Ciumarari = dry

Cuocula = top (game) / egg yolk

Fari a cucciaredda = when a newborn pouts

Fimmineddu = Type of lemon. Person with effeminate manners

Fita = slave

Lanzisi = stone jambs of the entrances

Larfiuni = glutton

Lliccameusa = pimp

Magnanu = hanging garden. Detachment of land to the terrace. Small courtyard enclosed by walls below the level

Mannorba = boredom

Matoccu =  big button

Milu = loaf of sesame and honey

Ntantariari = stagger

Ntrunizzu = drowsiness

S’antaccò u tempu = the weather worsened

Sattania = pan

Scarnieddu = ringing voice

Sdammussari = flush (find)

Sifica = threshold

Spribbaliri = off balance, confused

Trizzanieddi = chatter, gossip

Ucilanu = who speaks loudly

Vari = Opening a mannarata. Fence bordered by hedges and incanniciati

road (suttamisu) or landing on an outside staircase of house facades (astracu)

Zzammaturina = wholemeal flour

Zzizzicari = stimulate

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